School Calendar

During the school year we will observe the holidays and in-service days listed below. Bright Start will be closed on these days and staff may not be available.

If you have any follow-up questions about our schedule, please contact Bright Start.

Month Date
July 2023 Monday the 3rd — Closed
Tuesday the 4th — Closed
Monday the 24th - Friday the 28th — Closed. Re-opening the 31st of July

August 2023 No Center Closing
September 2023 Monday the 4th — Closed
October 2023 Monday the 9th — Closed
November 2023 Wednesday the 22nd — Noon Dismissal
Thursday the 23rd — Closed
Friday the 24th — Closed
December 2023 Friday the 22nd - 26th — Closed . Re-opening the 27th of December
January 2024 Monday the 2nd — Closed
Monday the 16th — Closed
February 2024 Monday the 20th — Closed
March 2024 No Center Closings
April 2024 Friday the 17th — Closed
May 2024 Monday the 29th — Closed
June 2024 No Center Closings